« Gender must be central to the data protection conversation, not a side note »

Ana Brandusescu, Research & Policy Officer at the Web Foundation, writes in a post last month:

Gender plays a significant role in the design and implementation of technology, online privacy, and data protection. In turn, how technology is deployed, how online privacy is protected, and how data is collected and used all impact women differently than men.


There are divides between women who do work on gender, and women who work in tech fields who never mention the word gender. To have these two groups at the opposite side of the same spectrum may not always be constructive, particularly if one group is just talking about gender, while the other one is negating it all together. We must work to bring these groups together, and incorporate women and a gendered perspective to conversations across the spectrum. Moreover, we must work to include a wide range of women’s voices and perspectives in these efforts — an all-white female panel doesn’t support intersectionality in gender.


Read the full post from February 9, 2018 at: https://webfoundation.org/2018/02/gender-must-be-central-to-the-data-protection-conversation-not-a-side-note/

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« Cybersecurity for Nonprofits – How secure is your organization? » – webinar February 20, 2018

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